The Breathing Audit Workshop: 

Evaluate Your Own Breathing Pattern and Learn What To Observe In Others

The Breathing Audit Workshop

Discover the elements of healthy and unhealthy breathing in a lively, interactive group setting. You will take turns with a partner assessing each other's breathing style, using a 10-point worksheet, under the direction of Breathing Educator Lisa Bowen.

By the end of the session, you will have your own breathing evaluation done and have experience observing others. You will have a better idea of whether your breathing could bear some improvement and what it might look and feel like if it did.

Participants receive a license to Breathing Retraining Center's on-demand self-assessment tool called The Breathing Audit, to download additional worksheets at home and watch video instruction. So you'll have everything you need to go through the process again for a family member or friend.

Sharing the breathing-evaluation procss is a very powerful learning experience. Because so much of our breathing happens outside our conscious awareness, we're often not good observers of how we breathe when we're not paying attention.

After the workshop, people-watching will never be the same as you observe people's breathing habits at coffee shops, in line at the grocery store and anywhere else you go.

Aspects of Breathing Observed

 You need:

  • A timer or stopwatch. There's probably one on your cell phone.
  • Comfortable clothing you can move in that's not bulky, so your partner can see the breathing action, and comfortable shoes.
  • A light breakfast. Don't come stuffed!


Lisa Bowen, breathing educator and director at Breathing Retraining Center LLC.  

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Our courses offer an alternative approach and are not the practice of medicine, psychology, or a form of psychotherapy, nor do we offer a substitute for seeking medical or psychological advice from an appropriate professional health-care provider. We want to make the important distinction between using the Buteyko Breathing Technique, the BreathSlim Device, relaxation strategies and healthy breathing habits for health and well-being and the practice of medicine, psychology or any other licensed health-care profession.

 The Breathing Audit Workshop

Saturday, January 28, 2016

10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Breathing Retraining Center

San Rafael


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If you can't wait, come into the office for a Breathing Evaluation or check out our do-it-yourself, self-paced online version.

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