"Hi Lisa, I wanted to thank you again for the class last weekend and give you a quick update.  I paid close attention to my breathing in the days following class and realized I mouth-breathed a lot while working and talking -- during an eight-to-ten-hour day that's quite a bit.  I began nose-breathing and taping my mouth at night and within a few days my headaches stopped.  I woke up feeling rested and the aches and pains of a physical job have mostly gone away.  Also I'm calmer, more mentally clear and alert.  My control pause has not changed, but I'm working with the BreathSlim and will be adding some more of the exercises you taught us to try to get my Control Pause over 35.  I'm amazed at what a difference this has made. Thanks so much!

~TC, San Leandro, CA

"I highly recommend attending one of Lisa Bowen's Buteyko Blitz Weekends or classes that she offers.  As an asthma sufferer, I learned to differentiate when I am having an asthma attack or hyperventilating and then how to address both situations.  Lisa gave me many tools that I am slowly trying to incorporate into my life.  Lisa is a competent, personable teacher who both provides information and then makes sure you understand what you are learning by having you practice various exercises.  I am confident that attendees will benefit from this method."

~CP, Oakland, CA

"First, Lisa is such a welcoming and warm person.  Though we spent only a weekend together, I knew immediately that her empathy, together with her skill and experience, were going to be beneficial for me.  The weekend helped increase my self awareness, introduced a new perspective on the issues I face around breathing and anxiety, and provided me with practical tools that I have incorporated into my daily life.  This is the only retreat I've done (and I've done a lot) that made a longstanding impact on me.  Thank you for the help, Lisa!  I look forward to continuing our work together and learning how to "relax" more :)"

~JY, San Francisco, CA