It's possible to silence snoring...
by breathing differently
Learn a self-help, drug-free, natural yet science-based program designed to overcome breathing difficulties, including snoring and other sleep disorders.
How Breathing Retraining Can Reduce Snoring
At least 30% of adults snore, and that increase to 50% for people over 60.
Most people don't realize that snoring is caused by dysfunctional breathing.
Snoring is noisy, heavy breathing that's so strong it's vibrating the airway walls at the back of the throat.  People who snore are usually mouth-breathing at the time too, which causes nasal congestion.
Breathing retraining can be very effective for snorers.  The goal of breathing retraining is to return to nasal breathing and reduce breathing volume.
Even and especially if you're using a C-PAP machine or an oral appliance, you can still improve the underlying, unhealthy breathing pattern that, if left unchecked, can contribute to other health issues such as breathlessness during moving and exercise, anxiousness and heightened response to stress, and more.
Imagine the life possibilities if you got a full night's sleep and woke feeling rested.
Imagine having a partner at your side at night whom you were not disturbing, and who was not disturbing you!