Signs and Symptoms of Poor Breathing Habits -- a resource guide

This short but definitive guide is designed to help you determine whether poor breathing habits may be contributing to your health problems and sapping your energy.

See what questions leading breathing experts would ask you. Review lists of breathing-related health symptoms and diseases that can be exacerbated by inefficient breathing. Discover the relationship between stress and poor breathing, and what you can do to maintain healthy breathing habits even when life is chaotic.

The guide provides you with the the opportunity to:

  • Explore whether poor breathing habits could be affecting your health, and how it’s possible to address them.
  • Create a list of breathing-related symptoms that you’ve been experiencing but up-to-now seemed random, unrelated and difficult to describe or make sense of. Track these so it’s possible to gauge improvement over time.
  • Create a more complete description of what’s going on with you for your doctor and other health professionals so they can help you.
  • Discover the link between stress and the fight-or-flight response, hyperventilation and health.

We invite you to check out “The Signs and Symptoms of Poor Breathing Habits – A Resource Guide.” You are not alone. Almost three out of four people in the United States have at least one breathing-related health condition.

The guide includes

  • Three breathing self-assessments.
  • Lists of symptoms and conditions that may be associated with poor breathing habits.
  • An explanation of how stress may increase breathing in a way that’s not obvious.
  • A description of a healthy breathing pattern and how it’s possible to develop it.

Here's a preview:

Section 1:Disclaimer

Section 2: Introduction

Section 3:Questionnaires

      —Self-Evaluation of Breathing Questionnaire

      —Nijmegen Questionnaire

      —RoBE Scale

Section 4:A Model for So Many Breathing Problems Today: Chronic Hidden Hyperventilation  

Section 5:Symptoms That May Be Influenced By Poor Breathing Habits

Section 6:Conditions Thought To Be Linked With Hyperventilation

Section 7:Conditions When Over Breathing Is Appropriate

Section 8:The 10 Healthy Breathing Habits

Section 9:How You Can Breathe Easier with Breathing Retraining

Section 10:Bibliography and Sources

Exploring and addressing poor breathing habits is an opportunity for self-reflection and a window on taking a look at how breathing problems may or may not play a role in your life.   There’s no downside to trying it. Adopting healthy breathing habits supports everything else you are doing. 

The guide is designed to introduce you to the concept that there is a difference between healthy breathing habits and less-than-optimal breathing habits and to promote breathing retraining, an alternative non-medical/non-psychological approach to better breathing.  The information presented in the guide is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment and does not replace the services of health care professionals. 

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Signs and Symptoms of Poor Breathing Habits -- A Resource Guide