Nasal Breathing Home Study Program

Nasal breathing is an underpinning of good health. In indigenous cultures, parents taught nose breathing as a life skill. Up until recently, it's been a forgotten gem.

Join us for this four-week, self-paced video course with step-by-step instructions on the ins and outs of nasal breathing, from resting and sleeping to full-on working out. We also cover how to keep breathing with your nose while you're talking, eating, suffering a cold and experiencing stress. 

As soon as you register, you will be directed to an online portal where you can get started right away with introductory information and the first lesson. Each module includes video and text instruction. Subsequent lessons with progressively more challenging practices will be released every week for four weeks.

A Facebook group has been created to foster community and answer your questions, 

This course is for teens and adults. We realize many people become interested in nasal breathing when they see children in their lives mouth breathing. If that's the case for you, please doubly consider taking this course. Children copy the breathing patterns of their caretakers. To be an effective mentor to your children it's advisable to make sure you are nose breathing yourself.


 You need

  • A computer or tablet and internet access.


Lisa Bowen, breathing educator and director at Breathing Retraining Center LLC.  

Our courses offer an alternative approach and are not the practice of medicine, psychology, or a form of psychotherapy, nor do we offer a substitute for seeking medical or psychological advice from an appropriate professional health-care provider. We want to make the important distinction between using the Buteyko Breathing Technique, the BreathSlim Device, relaxation strategies and healthy breathing habits for health and well-being and the practice of medicine, psychology or any other licensed health-care profession.

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Nasal Breathing
Home Study Program


Tuition includes:

  • Four-week curriculum with video and text lessons plus associated articles and materials.
  • Private Facebook community to interact with other students and teacher