Healthy Breathing Habits Weekend Intensive Program

Most of us know the elements of healthy eating, sleeping, hydration and exercise -- whether we choose to follow them or not.

Come learn about healthy breathing and how it fits in to creating wellness.

This class is typically the beginning of a exploration of what it will take you to get from your current state of health to optimum health through attention to breathing. 

We meet for a weekend at our office in San Rafael to learn how to embody the 10 Healthy Breathing Habits.  On Saturday, we experience what it feels like to relax and calm our breathing using various tools and techniques, while at rest (and sleep).  On Sunday, we experience breathing easily and well while moving, exercising, talking and eating.  It's a wonderful, self-nourishing weekend.

After you go home, we will reconnect for private coaching sessions three times to tweak what you learned to work in your own environment.  

We will cover:


  • What is healthy breathing vs. dysfunctional breathing?
  • How do you breathe? What aspects of your breathing need support?
  • What is a satisfying breath?

Nasal Breathing
  • Many reasons to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth!
  • How much do you nose-breathe vs. mouth-breathe?
  • How to start nose-breathing more?
  • The progression of mouth breathing to full nose-breathing, even during exercise.
  • Nose-breathing at night
  • Tools and techniques to help clear your nose
  • Orofacial Myology -- neuromuscular-therapy exercises for the tongue and mouth if there are structural issues


  • Optimal posture for breathing and life.
  • Posture pictures.
  • Posture exercises

Anatomy of Breathing

  • Primary breathing muscles.
  • Secondary breathing muscles and health issues that result when they're used most.

Relaxation, The Key to Good Breathing

  • Relax your mind.
  • Relax your muscles.
  • Relaxed breathing.
  • Move at your own pace.

Good Sleep Hygiene

  • Setting up your bedroom.
  • Sleep positions and other night-time tips

Diaphragm BreathingPractice breathing into your belly.


Breathing RateKeep track of your breathing rate.


Steady Breathing

  • What makes breathing irregular?/How to make it regular.
  • Mini Pauses


Silent Invisible Breathing: How to calm your breathing if it's noisy.


Breathing Control During Speech

Breathing Control During Eating


Breathing Control During Exercise


Breathing Strategies When a Cold is Coming On/You're Feeling Unwell.


Helping the Kids in Your Life Breathe Correctly.

Elements of a Breathing Retraining Program

  • Who needs it? Conditions it's known to help.  Who shouldn't do it.
  • Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, modern breathing pioneer who took breathing retraining out of the spiritual realm of the yogis and offered a program that is "evidence-based".
  • The Science Behind Breathing Retraining
  • --Bohr Effect
  • --Respiratory Center
  • --Chronic Hidden Hyperventilation. 
  • --the physiology behind asthma, allergies, stress and anxiousness, coughing fits, colds, flu and sleep disturbances -- and how they are related.
  • -- the primary role of hyperventilation in chronic conditions
  • --the signs of hyperventilation
  • Are you hyperventilating or not?

You get

  • A weekend of live instruction
  • Course workbook
  • 3 follow-up sessions by phone or Skype.  
  • Breathing Retraining Center's Home-Study Programs to use as reference: Nasal Breathing Home-Study Program and the Healthy Breathing Habits Home-Study Program

Dates and Time

To be announced soon!


Breathing Retraining Center, 12 Mitchell Blvd., San Rafael, CA

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Our courses offer an alternative approach and are not the practice of medicine, psychology, or a form of psychotherapy, nor do we offer a substitute for seeking medical or psychological advice from an appropriate professional health-care provider. We want to make the important distinction between using the Buteyko Breathing Technique, the BreathSlim Device, relaxation strategies and healthy breathing habits for health and well-being and the practice of medicine, psychology or any other licensed health-care profession.

Future Dates: 

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"I highly recommend attending one of Lisa Bowen’s Buteyko Blitz Weekends or classes that she offers. As an asthma sufferer, I learned how to differentiate between when I am having an asthma attack or hyperventilating and then how to address both situations. Lisa gave me many tools that I am slowly trying to incorporate into my life. Lisa is a competent, personable teacher who both provides information and then makes sure that you understand what you are learning by having you practice various exercises. I am confident that attendees will benefit from this method."

Cindy, Oakland, CA

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