Healthy Breathing Habits Online Class

This is an exploration of the 10 Healthy Breathing Habits  -- an explanation of what they are and how to work with them.


 You need:

  • A computer or tablet and internet access.


Lisa Bowen, breathing educator and director at Breathing Retraining Center LLC.  

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Our courses offer an alternative approach and are not the practice of medicine, psychology, or a form of psychotherapy, nor do we offer a substitute for seeking medical or psychological advice from an appropriate professional health-care provider. We want to make the important distinction between using the Buteyko Breathing Technique, the BreathSlim Device, relaxation strategies and healthy breathing habits for health and well-being and the practice of medicine, psychology or any other licensed health-care profession.

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Healthy Breathing Habits Online Class

$49 introductory rate

Tuition includes:

  • Modules on each of the 10 Healthy Breathing Habits and how to apply them in your life.
  • Private Facebook community to interact with other students and teacher.