Healthy Breathing Habits Academy

This program is designed to teach The 10 Healthy Breathing Habits and how to develop them. 

We each breathe 20,000 to 30,000 times a day. There is an advisable way to breathe – from number of breaths per minute to quantity of air per breath. Find out what that is, especially if you experience breathing-related chronic health issues like asthma or snoring. 

The program is taught in six segments, and this Fall we're using an online format so it doesn't matter where you are, to join us. You will receive 

  • Access to our two home-study programs: The Nasal Breathing Home-Study Program and the Healthy Breathing Habits Home Study Program.
  • Live (recorded) webinar/teleseminar sessions with Breathing Educator Lisa Bowen leading lessons designed to master the 10 Healthy Breathing Habits, including a guided progression from mouth-breathing to full nasal breathing by adding activities that take more effort/energy every week.  See a syllabus here.
  • A closed Facebook group to communicate and receive support between events. 
  • Two dedicated question-and-answer sessions.

The program provides you with the opportunity to: 

  • Discover the skills that may help restore normal breathing for people with a history of hyperventilation, who want to improve symptoms of health conditions linked to poor breathing habits, including asthma, allergies, snoring, sleep apnea, and nervous conditions.
  • Practice breathing skills that are designed to be employed to help you relax during the routine situations and emergencies of daily life – from winding down after exercise and at bedtime to handling colds and stress.
  • Explore how to stop leaking energy through inefficient breathing, and increase physical energy by breathing well.
  • Experiment with healthy-breathing practices during movement and exercise, and rehearse strategies to stop huffing and puffing.
  • Share The 10 Healthy Breathing Habits with others, including the children in your life.

You need:
  • A computer or tablet, a phone and internet access, plus the ability to print worksheets. 


Lisa Bowen, breathing educator and director at Breathing Retraining Center LLC.  


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This program is for people whose breathing habits and style in and of themselves cause symptoms and distress. Healthy breathing habits cannot address the breathlessness that accompanies heart disease. Healthy breathing habits also do not reverse damage to the airways and lungs for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, although many people with COPD report breathing more comfortably when they practice breathing-retraining techniques and breathe as skillfully as they can given their condition.  

The program is designed to introduce participants to the concept that there is a difference between healthy breathing habits and less-than-optimal breathing habits and to teach breathing retraining, an alternative non-medical/non-psychological approach to better breathing.  The information presented in the program is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment and does not replace the services of health care professionals

Six weekly webinars, recorded live, two Q&A sessions, licenses to both our home-study programs and closed Facebook group support.


Nov. 10 - Dec. 15

12-1 p.m. PT

Q&A Sessions

Nov. 18 - 2-3 p.m. PT

Dec. 12 -  9-10 a.m. PT