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Any information you provide us is held in the strictest confidence.  We will share the details of some cases, without releasing identities, with senior educators if their feedback would serve you.

We do not share or rent our e-mail list.


Breathing Retraining Center LLC is a resource for people interested in studying breathing techniques and other self-help, non-medical/non-psychological strategies to address poor breathing habits. 

We are conveniently located right off US Highway 101 in San Rafael. We're 16 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge for clients from San Francisco and points south, and 7 miles west of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge for people coming from the East Bay.

There is lots of free parking.

We offer Saturday appointments and classes in addition to our weekday schedule.

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Address, Phone, E-Mail

12 Mitchell Blvd.

San Rafael, CA 

415-454-3400 phone

Directions from US Highway 101:

  • Lucas Valley Road/Smith Ranch Road Exit
  • Turn right to Smith Ranch Road,
  • Turn right on Redwood Highway,
  • Turn left on Mitchell Blvd and park immediately in front of the Margarita Plaza office complex on your right.

Our office does not face the street.  It faces the back parking lot.  On Mitchell, walk down the breezeway between #14 and #22, and you will see us on the right.

Our clients are welcome to park in the back lot. Do not be deterred by the "Tenants Parking Only" sign.