Thank you for participating in one or more of the above-mentioned in-person classes (the “Class”) sponsored by Breathing Retraining Center LLC and presented by Lisa Bowen (the “Presenter”). You understand that the information presented during the Class, including ideas, suggestions, techniques, training, exercises, instructions, and other materials, is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice.

By participating in the Class, you understand you will be learning about and using an innovative nonmedical/psychological breathing-retraining method identified as the Buteyko Breathing Technique (“Buteyko”).  Buteyko is designed to help people with disordered breathing patterns such as panic breathing, mouth breathing, or dry coughing to retrain themselves to use a normal breathing pattern.  The premise of Buteyko is that it addresses the underlying condition of over-breathing, which is believed to be a cause of  illnesses such as asthma, colds, and allergies; snoring and sleep issues; psychological disorders such as anxiety; and others not directly related to the respiratory system.  The method focuses on relaxed, nasal, diaphragmatic breathing, with breath-holding and progressive breathlessness-resilience exercises.  The aim of Buteyko is to give people a self-help option for managing their condition so that they feel healthier and experience fewer symptoms.   Buteyko has several applications, including use as a self-help tool, as an educational coaching method, and as a therapeutic method by health-care professionals.  You understand Buteyko is being offered in the Class solely as a self-help tool for relaxation, stress management, well-being, and healing.

Although Buteyko appears to have promising emotional, spiritual and physical health benefits, it has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities and therefore, may be considered experimental.  Buteyko is self-regulated and the State of California does not license any practitioners or teachers of Buteyko and considers it to be alternative or complementary to the healing arts that are licensed by the State of California.  You understand the Presenter is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health-care provider nor are her services licensed by the State of California.  Since Buteyko is a relatively new stress-management/healing approach and the extent of Buteyko’s effectiveness, as well as its risks and benefits, are not fully known, you agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with using Buteyko and for applying what you may learn from participating in the Class.   


You understand that the Class is a hands-on, experiential program and is not to be considered treatment for any physical, emotional, or mental disorder nor is the Class a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  Further, you understand that the information presented in this Class is not intended to represent that Buteyko is used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder.  You agree to consult with your health-care provider(s) for any specific medical or psychological problems and to continue any medical or psychological treatment that you’re currently receiving.  In addition, you understand that any information shared during the Class is not to be considered a recommendation that you stop seeing any of your health-care professionals or using prescribed medication, if any, without consulting with your health-care professional, even if after using Buteyko it appears and indicates that such medication or therapy is unnecessary. 

 Please be advised by participating in the Class it’s possible to experience an adverse emotional or physical reaction which could be perceived as negative.  While Buteyko has been shown to help with a number of health conditions, there are certain health conditions that require caution and others where Buteyko can be contraindicated.  For more detailed information please read our Student Information Sheet attached hereto and made part of this Release & Participation Agreement.  You agree to ask for help from the Presenter should your participation in the Class inadvertently activate distressing reactions in you.  If you have questions or concerns about Buteyko, please feel free to ask the Presenter for further resources. 

Any stories or testimonials presented during the Class do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using Buteyko for any particular issue.  Further, you understand that Breathing Retraining Center LLC makes no warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding any outcome for you using Buteyko during or after the Class for any particular issue.  You agree to take full responsibility for your self-care in the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions of your life.  Due to the fact that the Class includes group discussions or  processes in which you may voluntarily reveal personal health information, you understand that you waive your rights of privacy and confidentiality.  You acknowledge and agree that anything and everything discussed with the Presenter either during or separate from the Class is merely a perspective for you to consider in conducting your affairs and your participation in the Class is not intended to create nor does it establish a client-practitioner relationship or any other type of professional relationship between you and the Presenter. 

 You understand that your participation in the Class is strictly voluntary, at your own risk, and that you freely choose to participate.  You acknowledge that you have been given the opportunity by the Presenter to ask questions regarding any aspect of this Agreement.  You represent that you’re competent and able to understand the nature and consequences of participating in the Class.  By signing below, you acknowledge that you have carefully and completely read and fully understand all aspects of this Agreement and you agree to all of the terms and conditions stated herein.  You agree that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, without regard to conflicts of law doctrines.  Further, you agree and understand that this Agreement is intended to be a complete unconditional release of liability and assumption of risk to the greatest extent permitted by law.  This Agreement shall be binding upon you and your heirs, legal representative, and assigns.  You represent that you are an adult under the laws of the State of your residence and you have the right to enter into this Agreement.  If you are a minor, you shall have your parent or legal guardian consent to and join in this Agreement by signing in the space provided below.

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, you and your heirs agree to fully release, indemnify, hold harmless, and defend, Breathing Retraining Center, LLC, its owners, managing partner, members, employees, representatives, independent contractors,  consultants, volunteers, and others associated with Breathing Retraining Center LLC, from any and all claims or liability, of whatsoever kind or nature, and for any damage or injury, including but not limited to, financial, personal, emotional, psychological, medical, or otherwise, which you may incur arising at any time as a result of your use of Buteyko and your voluntary decision to participate in the Class.   

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If you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medication for any condition, talk to your doctor before you start breathing retraining and determine how often you should be re-examined and dosages reassessed.   Breathing retraining can change your blood chemistry, increase your circulation and increase your metabolism among other effects, potentially changing the recommended dosage and usage your doctor would prescribe.

 If you have been prescribed any device for sleep-disordered breathing, such as but not limited to a C-PAP machine or a dental appliance, please continue to use it during breathing retraining and follow all your doctor’s or dentist’s directions during the process, only changing or discontinuing usage on their advice.

 The best practice for students with sleep-disordered breathing is to get a sleep-study done before starting breathing retraining, then do another sleep study when your Buteyko Breathing Morning Control Pause is 35 or 40 or higher to ascertain if you still have the same disagnosis.

 If you have asthma that is uncontrolled or unstable, please get it under control through medication or other means before studying breathing-retraining. 

  •  Please make sure you are under the regular care of a doctor who knows everything you’ve been prescribed, while you are studying and practicing breathing retraining, especially if 
  • you are taking or have been prescribed multiple medications for multiple conditions,
  • you are NOT taking medication or using medical devices that have been prescribed for you. 






If you have one of these conditions, it is inadvisable to start breathing retraining at this time.

  • severe renal failure (includes dialysis)

  • uncontrolled hyperthyroidism

  • sickle cell disease

  • acute schizophrenia

  • COPD, some kinds only, such as with cor pulmonare. Please check.

  • arterial aneurysm

  • hemorrhagic stroke

  • thrombosis

  • current cancer treatment

  • recent heart attack within last six months

  • brain tumor and trauma

  • uncontrolled hypertension

  • history of serious cardiac rhythm disorder

  • pregnancy

  • presence of transplanted organs





Make sure to advise us if you have one of these conditions so we can design a very gentle program for you.  Breathing retraining and breathing exercises produce a mild stress on the body so that it can adapt to new conditions and function better in the future. It's similar to weight or aerobic training at the gym. If the demands due to the exercises are too high, there is no adaptive response and, as a result, the exercises can even produce a negative effect.


  • diabetes, particularly Type 2

  • hypertension

  • thyroid disease

  • angina/previous heart attack

  • past history of serious mental illness

  • reduced kidney function

  • history of blood clots

  • loss of C02 sensitivity