Asthma Webinar Series

This picture was plastered all over New York City as part of a public-service advertising campaign sponsored by the NYC Childhood Asthma Initiative from 1997-2001. It raised awareness, increased treatment success and reduced emergency-room admissions.

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Asthma and Exercise

Find out how to warm up, moderate your breathing during exercise, and then cool down afterward.  The Buteyko Breathing Technique offers exercise guidelines.

Presenters: Lisa Bowen, Breathing Educator, Breathing Retraining Center LLC and guests

How To Teach Kids To Breathe Well: An Often Overlooked Skill in the Parent Playbook

Children of parents with asthma and allergies have been shown in many studies to be somewhat predisposed to develop respiratory conditions. Hear some simple tips and techniques to help children develop good breathing habits at the get-go.  

Presenters: Lisa Bowen, breathing educator at Breathing Retraining Center LLC and guests

The Scientific Case That Breathing Retraining Helps Asthmatics: A Review of the Clinical Trials

In several countries, the Buteyko Breathing Technique is part of the mainstream treatment for asthma.  It's taught in Russian medical schools.  It's been authorized as a treatment option by the British Thoracic Society.  And Buteyko Breathing courses are covered by insurance in Australia.  Learn why in this deep-dive summary of Western clinical trials since the early 1990s, when an Australian businessman brought Professor Konstantin Buteyko's breathing program back home from Moscow after he learned it in the hospital there.

Presenters: Lisa Bowen, breathing educator and director at Breathing Retraining Center LLC and guests.

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What is Breathing Retraining and How Can It Help My Asthma?

November 14, 2013 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET

An introduction to breathing retraining for people with asthma.  Learn about self-help breathing techniques that are designed to open up the airway and help you feel more comfortable when you have symptoms, as well as increase respiratory strength over time. Learn about the philosophy, history and science, plus the curriculum and how you know when you've mastered it.

Presenter: Lisa Bowen, breathing educator and director at Breathing Retraining Center LLC

Asthma and Emotions

December 12, 2013 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET

Emotions can trigger an asthma attack -- negative ones that cause stress, and positive ones that lead to laughter and wheezing. Having a condition like asthma also creates emotions, such as fear of death.  Come explore with us the relationship between asthma and emotions.

Presenters: Lisa Bowen, breathing educator at Breathing Retraining Center LLC and Robert Litman, somatic educator.  Robert is a senior Buteyko Breathing educator and trainer, a Continuum Movement teacher and a Duggan/French practitioner.

10 Reasons To Increase Your Respiratory Fitness Even If Your Asthma Is Controlled by Medication

January 8, 2013 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET

Many people take daily medication to control their asthma and don't think any more about it.  If your respiratory system is your body's weak link, there may be several reasons to want to strengthen it. For example, in case of natural disaster you might be separated from your medicine longer than you can manage. Or, if you're starting a new fitness program, you want to have every advantage at your disposal.  Hear more about why it's good to know some self-help tools.

Presenters: Lisa Bowen, breathing educator and director at Breathing Retraining Center LLC and Carol Baglia, registered respiratory therapist and registered Buteyko Breathing educator and trainer at Correct Breathing Concepts, LLC. 

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Asthma continues to be a serious public-health problem in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • An estimated 25.9 million people, including almost 7.1 million children, have asthma. 

  • Asthma prevalence is higher among persons with family income below the poverty level. 

  • Almost 14 million people reported having an asthma attack in a recent government survey. 

  • Asthma accounts for more than 15 million physician office and hospital outpatient department  visits,and nearly 2 million emergency department visits each year.

Asthma in Children

  • Asthma is one of the most common serious chronic diseases of childhood.

  • Asthma is the third-ranking cause of hospitalization among children under 15. 

  • An average of one out of every 10 school-aged children has asthma. 

  • 10.5 million school days are missed each year due to asthma. 

The Cost of Asthma

  • The annual economic cost of asthma, including direct medical costs from hospital stays and indirect costs such as lost school and work days, amount to more than $56 billion annually.

Asthma Can be Controlled

  • With a plan that includes medical treatment and control of environmental triggers and breathing retraining, people with asthma can lead healthy, active lives.

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