Bodywork-Centered Breathing Coaching

For people who have a hard time relaxing, settling down to do breathing exercises can be hard  -- more of a "should" than a "want to".

Bodywork-centered breathing coaching is a great way to slide into a marvelous experience!

The purpose of these sessions is to balance and regulate the nervous system with CranioSacral Therapy first, then embark on mindful breathing from that relaxed, centered state. All the sudden it's so easy to breathe gently and well, and experience how good it can feel. When life revs up again, you've got an embodied, cellular memory of calm breathing to tap.

Try one. Appointments run 75 minutes with a CranioSacral session followed by a segment of breathing coaching. You will leave with at least one breathing exercise to experiment with, selected with your profile in mind, until the next time.

$125. Book by phone at 415-454-3400.

Regarding the breathing-coaching aspect of the sessions, please note that our breathing-retraining courses and consultations offer an alternative approach and are not the practice of medicine, psychology, or a form of psychotherapy, nor do we offer a substitute for seeking medical or psychological advice from an appropriate professional health-care provider. We want to make the important distinction between using the Buteyko Breathing Technique, the BreathSlim Device, relaxation strategies and healthy breathing habits for health and well-being and the practice of medicine, psychology or any other licensed health-care profession.