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You deserve to breathe easy. 


We teach self-help breathing and relaxation practices designed to ease breathing difficulties.

  • Support for people with asthma and allergies, snoring, anxiousness and stress.
  • Exercise easier and improve sports performance.
  • Feel more energy.

"Breathing retraining is not difficult – nor does it need to be time consuming ….and it is usually very successful in rehabilitating function and reducing or removing a huge variety of symptoms..."

~Leon Chaitow, ND, DO, author of more than 70 books, including Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders



For Many People, Healthy Breathing Doesn't Just Happen...

It Has To Be Learned

There's a lot of information available about basic health practices such as what and how to eat, and how much water to drink every day to stay hydrated.

We breathe 20,000 to 30,000 a day   It's not commonly known, but there's also a prescribed way to breathe optimally --  to get the most oxygen absorbed by the brain and body, and feel more energy.  This is what we teach. To get started right away with the first actions we recommend most often, order our Healthy Breathing Kickstart Guide!

When people breathe poorly, it can exacerbate conditions like asthma and allergies, snoring and other sleep disturbances, and anxiousness and stress.  If you have one of those conditions, it's not guaranteed but very likely you can reduce symptoms by changing your breathing pattern.


What We Do

We offer a natural, comprehensive wellness program aimed at correcting dysfunctional breathing. We teach self-help breathing exercises and lifestyle relaxation strategies.

Our services include:

  • Breathing Evaluations.  Find out in a consultation how well you're breathing and the first step you can take to improve your breathing pattern.        

Classes Feature The Buteyko Breathing Technique

Our classes are based on principles of the Buteyko Breathing Technique, and a lot more based on our experience of how to effectively teach modern Western people who tend to lead overstimulated lives.  Breathing educator Lisa Bowen is a member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association.

The technique is widely known and practiced in Russia, home of the late Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, breathing researcher for 50 years before his death in 2003.  It came to English-speaking countries in the early 1990s when an Australian businessman had angina during a trip to Moscow and the hospital staff taught him these breathing techniques as a routine matter before he was discharged. He subsequently invited two Buteyko teachers to Australia to teach others, and the techniques have slowly been disseminating to Western Europe and North America ever since.

In general, we have moved away from teaching "orthodox Buteyko" in most classes to beginning students.  Were Dr. Buteyko still alive and living in the digital, individualistic West perhaps he would have modified his program as well, we believe.  We are incorporating physical and mental relaxation skills into our program and enlisting more motivational elements to keep students' attention on their breathing. 


The service that is offered in the courses is educational and experiential; not therapeutic. The Buteyko Breathing Technique is an alternative approach and is not the practice of medicine, psychology, or a form of psychotherapy, nor it is a substitute for seeking medical or psychological advice from an appropriate professional health-care provider.  We want to make the important distinction between using the Buteyko Breathing Technique for health and well-being and the practice of medicine, psychology or other licensed health-care professions.



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Find out more about how optimal breathing can have a positive impact on:

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improve breathing.



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  • Calm your breathing wherever you are.
  • Check whether you're snoring at night and if so, how much!
  • Get the information you need to return your breathing pattern to its resting rate after exercise.


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Dr. Mercola, publisher of the largest alternative-health website in the world, himself practices the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

Read his endorsement.



What You Can Learn Here

Our goal is to restore healthy breathing patterns. This involves the following;

1. Learning how to unblock the nose when it's stuffed up.

2. Switching from mouth breathing to consistent nose breathing.

3. Breathing exercises to address chronic hidden hyperventilation and bring breathing volumes down to normal levels.

4. How to participate in physical exercise without hyperventilating.

5. Breathing exercises designed to reduce or stop coughing and wheezing.

6. Lifestyle changes to assist and facilitate ease in the body.

--from the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association


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